Have you ever wanted to know how to defend your rights in court, save your finances from attack, sue a corporation for money or how to do it all without hiring a lawyer for a trial? Or just needed to know what your lawyer is supposed to be doing so you can get the best results? 

This is the one product Jim Winner wishes he had when he began to learn the law, make tens of thousands from his creditors and battle for and win custody of his son.




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The Professional Litigant: A Private Consumer, Civil and Constitutional Rights Group


CLAIM YOUR BIRTHRIGHT. Learning Civil Procedure Takes Money Out Of The Equation Of How A Person Accesses Justice. Discover How People Like You Are Defeating Billion-Dollar Businesses By Harnessing The Power Of The Judicial System.

Shannon E.

Hospitality - Restaurant Manager

This Information Is Awesome!

I had a slumlord attempt to illegally throw me out in the street,  Just because he didn't want to maintain the building. Using these concepts I was able to devise my own legal strategy and lived rent free for 7 months. And made him pay me $7000. All without having to go to court. Don't let scum bags take advantage of you.

*Results Not Typical: No Guarantee Of Any Outcomes Or Earnings Can Be Assumed.


Understanding how court cases flow is integral to defending against attackers or protecting your Rights via litigation and pre-litigation procedure. Attorney's spend countless tens of thousands of dollars learning Civil Procedure to help clients. However, pro se litigants are left to discover the process on their own without any guidance. UNTIL NOW! 

Finally, Jim Winner is providing his insights into his 10+ years and 60+ cases  he prosecuted and his deep understanding and best practices. So you can be part of the 1% and ahead of the average American, and truly begin the journey to demonstrating competence in handling your own legal affairs. 


Stop your fear of court by developing your knowledge and understanding of  civil procedure.


Most pro se ltiigants find information on the internet that sounds great, but has no bearing on the court they are entering. Only to find that they are out-lawyered and overcome to the point of loss.

Sometimes those losses are devastating, cases and defenses dismissed and judgment entered. Homes, wage garnishments, bankruptcy, repossessions, credit card collections, and every matter that lands in court is subject to jurisdictional issues.  

This module cuts through the internet confusion, so you can once and for all know the hierarchy of authority and understand how to research and locate the laws, courts, cases, rules, statutes, and regulations that control.

Jump-start your understanding and achieve in-depth knowledge that controls courts, cases, judges juries and appeals. Understanding Jurisdiction will allow you to plead properly so you are better able to win your case or defeat your opponents.


Complaints and Petitions are the initiating documents for any case. They establish the jurisdiction of the court, inform the defendant what they are up against, and tell the judge and the jury what you are owed. Discovering how to draft and properly plead is essential to winning a case and to defeat any motion to dismiss.


Once a case is filed the parties must move the court in order to obtain certain relief through court order. Motions may be oral or written. You will finally understand the way a case proceeds and your rights and duties as a litigant in requesting relief or defeating your opponents requests for relief.


Every appearance before a judge is a hearing. Hearings are indispensable within the litigation process. This is the area where most pro se litigants fall hard. Arguing for or against a motion on your feet is often fast-paced. There are many moving parts and attorney's train for years to develop the skills for in-court argument.

Establishing a deep understanding of hearings and proper procedure and planning is essential so you can competently move your case forward or your set your opponents back.


So, Jim goes in-depth with his best practices so you can finally relax, as you cut to the head of the line and confidently stand at bar. Surprise everyone with your finesse that will make them ask, every time, "Are you a lawyer?"


Introducing the concept of how litigants request and demand documents and other evidence to prove or disprove a claim will help any pro se litigant get to the truth and get the truth in the court room.


Cases are won or lost on admissible evidence. The discovery phase of a case is the longest and occurs outside of the courtroom between the parties. There are many tools provided by our system to each litigant to help get to truth of the matter.

There are even case-altering consequences when your opponent fails to comply with orders regarding discovery. Understanding each tool and the motion-practice required to get what your opponent is hiding is fundamental to litigation as a  plaintiff or defendant.


You can finally understand both how to get the evidence you need to win and how to safeguard yourself from discovery sanctions.

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